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Travel Insurance Tips for your
Nice Vacation Apartment Rental:
Before you start packing for your great Cote d’Azur vacation rental, find out about travel insurance for your vacation studio or vacation apartment cancellation … You've booked the flight and a nice vacation apartment or vacation studio in the Cote d’Azur. But have you checked to make sure you'll have adequate insurance coverage for your vacation rental cancellation … during your trip in the French Riviera city of Nice? If not, you may want to purchase travel insurance for your trip to Nice the heart of the Cote d’Azur. Travel insurance can be offered by insurance companies, travel agents , nice tour operators, and French Riviera cruise lines, and often provides the following types of coverage:

*Emergency medical and dental (if you bite on one of those delicious Cote d’Azur olives)

*Emergency medical evacuation from the Cote d’Azur

*To buy or not to buy: auto insurance for rental cars - Brought to you by Esurance, where you can buy your auto insurance online in minutes!

*Trip cancellation/interruption for your vacation rental

*Loss of luggage in Nice International Airport

*Rental car protection for the French Riviera

While travel insurance for the French Riviera often lumps several types of coverage together, you may be able to purchase different types of coverage for the French Riviera separately, based on your individual insurance needs. Vacation rentals are a good idea. Be it a vacation studio or vacation apartment, they are so much cheaper then Hotels and are as comfortable. Vacation studios or vacation apartments also allow you to save on food costs since you can cook at the rented flat which you can’t do in a Hotel room. Vacation studios or vacation apartments will also allow pets. Make your vacation rental a success and book a vacation rental thanks to www.nice-apartment-rental.com