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Tips for a Studio or Apartment Rental in Nice :
A studio is commonly refered to, on the Cote d'Azur, as a "F1" or a "T1". These terms represent a 1 room accommodation. A 2 room apartment is refered to as a "F2" or "T2". A "T2" apartment rental or a "F1" studio rental for your vacation on the French Riviera City of Nice is the best Tip we could give you. Where as a decent hotel (3 stars) will charge you on average 78 euros/day (546 euros/week) you could go for a 3 star studio or apartment in Nice for less. Plus you will save on restaurant bills, since you will be able to have breakfast ... at home. The City of Nice is probably the best place you could choose to stay during your vacation in the French Riviera .

This would be our second Tip because Nice has a International Airport that puts any rental in the City just a Taxi ride away from your plane. Furthermore, from Nice you can visit either Italy or the rest of the Cote d'Azur. (Cannes, Monaco ...) The third Tip would be to consider visiting the French Riviera in June or/and September when the weather is still great and the crowds have left. The Cote d'Azur also hosts the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco F1 grand Prix which are always fun. Rent a Studio or apartment in Nice and make your vacation a success without emptying your wallet.

Our fourth Tip regards payment for your Riviera rental. Most people who book a vacation rental in the Cote d'Azur area agree to pay by bank transfer. However if your a little reluctant to transfer funds prior to your arrival you can always us the www.PayPal.com service and pay by Visa. All the serious studio and apartment owners will agree to this even if you will have to pay a little fee for the service. Our last Tip would be to check out the free listing of studio and apartment rental in the City of Nice on www.nice-apartment-rental.com which makes finding a vacation rental easy.