Student Housing near Millikin University Decatur IL
" There are a lot of options if you are a Millikin student and want to live off-campus rather than in the student dorms on the Millikin campus (Decatur IL). There are conditions for students that want to live off-campus so you will have to get approved by Millikin (Decatur IL) to live off the Millikin campus.  

Itís always a good idea to talk to your seniors friends at Millikin to get the inside scoop on how the entire process works. Living off campus is allowed if you are a senior, getting married, 22 years old or older, have dependents or live with a relative Ö So, have your parents sign your lease! It would be a waist to spend your senior year on campus.  

Itís a great idea to find a landlord that pays for the water consumption in your leased housing near Millikin (Decatur IL). Finding a landlord that also pays for trash removal once you sign a lease for a house near Millikin is an added bonus. Also ask if the landlord pays for the landscaping of your student rental near Millikin (Decatur IL). Different landlord have different approaches when it comes to leases. Some landlords rent houses by charging a fix price for the student rental house. For example $1,300 for a 4 bedroom student rental house. The 4 tenants sign up to the student rental lease and figure out among themselves who pays how much. One student might pay a little more for a bigger room the other might pay a little less. One of the tenants would be the contact point with the landlord. That tenant would collect rent from his student roommates and make one payment of $1,300 to the landlord each month.  

Other landlord charge a rent per room. For example $325 per room per month. Each tenant would get in touch with the landlord individually and pay rent that way. Itís always better to look for a per room per month student rental lease you or your parents can sign.  

West Wood Street (Decatur IL) student housing is particularly convenient for students that have classes in Leighty-Tabor Science Center, the Perkinson Music Center or the Tabor School for business. The DISC (Decatur Indoor Sports Center) is conveniently located next to several student houses for rent each year on West Wood Street (Decatur IL).  

Millikin tries to push as many students into the Woods as possible. So donít let Millikin push you around on your Senior year. The Woods at Millikin is a privately-owned complex that partners with Millikin to provide on-campus housing for sophomore, junior, and senior students. The reason why Millikin tries to push as many of its students into the Woods is that Millikin University ends up paying upward of a million dollar each year to the Woods private owner because each year there is a shortfall in the minimum number of students that need to be in the Woods for Millikin University to not be on the hock.  

There are 5 big players in the student housing rental market near Millikin (Decatur IL). Millikin students and Seniors in particular have many choices for student housing near Millikin. The Fairwood Student housing, Greg and Pierce properties are relatively geographically concentrated. The Bradshaw and Mechling properties are less geographically concentrated and less prime areas.  

The most convenient is Fairwood Student Housing Facebook (217-855-8985) on West Wood Street next to the DISC (Decatur Indoor Sports Center). Thatís South West of Campus. Then you also have the Greg properties on West Main Street, on the South East part of campus. The Pierce properties are directly West of the Tabor School for Business Building. "

Posted: Tue, 8 Apr 2015 by Melanie

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