Off-Campus Student Housing near Millikin University Decatur IL
"If you want to live off-campus while attending Millikin as a student you will have to check if you are allowed to do so. Your first step will be to check the criteria Millikin imposes on its students to allow them to live off-campus.  

If you are a senior the good news is that you most likely qualify for off-campus living and will have several choices of affordable, cheaper off-campus student housing. If you are among the unlucky students that don’t qualify you will have to stay in one of Millkin’s dorms or in “The Woods”. The Woods is a privately owned complex for on-campus student housing. However, it’s expensive. Prices at “The Woods” are upwards of $600 per month.  

You can live off-campus with your relatives that live in the local community. Which is great, it means your parents should be able to sign a lease and you can live in the property. You are also allowed to live off-campus if you can’t afford to pay the expensive prices at “The Woods”.  

There are 5 big players in the off-campus student housing market. The one that comes to mind first is Fairwood Student Housing (217-855-8985). They are a great off-campus student rental option with most of their off-campus student rental houses located on West Wood Street. That’s South West of the campus. Another off-campus student housing alternative is the Greg properties located South East of the campus. The third major off-campus student rental housing option are the Pierce properties West of the Perkinson Music Center. The Fairwood Student Housing homes are conveniently located near the Tabor School for business, Leighty-Tabor Science Center and the Perkinson Music Center.  

The last two off-campus student housing options are the Mechling properties and the Bradshaw properties. The off-campus student housing providers are less geographically concentrated that the previously mentioned Fairwood Student Housing Facebook.  

Off-campus student rental housing is definitely recommended. Off-campus student rental housing is a cheaper, more affordable alternative to “The Woods” and allows a lot of independence and the opportunity to start living life more as an adult.  

It’s highly recommended to talk to your Senior friends and get the inside scoop on off-campus student housing so you can live off-campus on your Senior year. Technically “The Woods” is an on-campus student housing option but it’s not really on-campus in a geographic sense. It’s clearly at the fringe of campus like all the other off-campus affordable options. As for safety, both “The Woods” and the off-campus student rentals that are adjacent to campus such the Fairwood Student Housing properties and the Greg properties are safe off-campus options as stone trough away from campus. You can actually see the Millikin campus from some of the off-campus student housing rentals."  

Posted: Tue, 7 Sep 2015 by Julian

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Affordable Student Housing near Millikin University Decatur  
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