Affordable Student Housing near Millikin University Decatur IL
"Student housing at Millikin (Decatur IL) is expensive. Millikin students are looking at upwards of $600 per month easily for their student housing costs. And that’s for a roommate setup or dorm setup. That’s not what you would call affordable for a student. Millikin (Decatur IL) makes it hard on its student to look for cheaper more affordable student housing options off-campus. Why?  

Several years ago, when Millikin student attendance was on the up and up, the schools upper brass entered into a contract with a partner that culminated in the building of “The Woods”, an on-campus student housing complex that has 150 apartments. All would have been great if “The Woods” was filled to the brim. Unfortunately, student attendance at Millikin (Decatur IL) started dropping year after year which triggered a clause in the contract to kick in. Millikin has been paying the private owner of “The Woods” millions over the years to compensate the private owner for lower than projected student residency numbers (ie lower rental income) at “The Woods”.  

This entire fiasco has prevented Millikin from offering cheaper more affordable housing or allowing flexibility to its students when it comes to their student housing needs. It seems like the priority for Millikin is understandably to minimize the funds that are transferred each year from Millikin to the private owner of “The Woods”. This is accomplished by charging far from cheap student rental rates and by increasing the number of student residents in “The Woods”.  

If you are a Senior there are however several options for cheaper more affordable student rental housing. Most of them are in the $300 - $400 per student per month not including utilities. It is noteworthy that there are 5 big players in affordable, cheap student housing market. The option that comes straight to mind is Fairwood Student Housing (217-855-8985). They have several affordable student housing option mainly on West Wood Street (Decatur IL) Fairwood Student Housing Facebook. These houses are great if you want to be close to the DISC (Decatur Indoor Sports Center) or you have to attend classes in the Leighty-Tabor Science Center or the Perkinson Music Center as well as the Tabor School for business. These affordable student houses are all located South West of the Millikin campus. Another option are the Greg properties located South East of campus and the Pierce properties located West of the Perkinson Music Center. The remaining two player (Mechling and Bradshaw) are less geographically concentrated then the other 3 player in the affordable student rental market.  

If you are not a Senior then there is still hope for you to be able to stay off campus in more affordable, cheaper student housing. You will have to check with Millikin to see if you meet the criteria to live off campus."  

Posted: Tue, 16 July 2015 by John

Student Housing near Millikin UniversityDecatur  
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